Curbside Pick-Up Menu


Please note that we will be accepting Employee Relief Fund Gift Cards once all of our restaurants have reopened fully. All other gift cards purchased before March 25 and after April 15 will be accepted over the phone. Please have your gift card number ready when you order. Thank you.

1. To pre-order simply place your order either On-Line or

2. Call 519-836-2875 to leave your details and one of our Team Members will call you back to confirm your order and pick-up time.

3. Arrive at the Wooly Pub parking lot at your specified pick-up time.

4. Upon arrival make your way to the Wooly patio and proceed to the Pick-Up Window where our staff will deliver your order to you.

5. If there is alcohol in your order, please show your valid ID to our staff for us to check.

6. Head on home to enjoy your meal and thank you for your support!

Please note that menu items are subject to change. Check our Instagram & Facebook posts for daily added new features.

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