Published: 15 days ago

HEY GUELPH!! We just wanted to say you're doing a great job of keeping the Covid cases down!! 👏 We know with the general cases going up that you may be feeling a little nervous about dining in with us, so we wanted to show you some of the things we are doing to help keep you and our team safe! Here are some photos of Louie, and some of our new features! 1) We have put in medical grade air purifiers in every room for your comfort. 2) We have also recently installed locks on our bathrooms doors to ensure only 1 person is in at a time. 3) On-top of our already diligent cleaning, we have switched out our sanitizing spray to a formula called SURE 5 RTU, which contains 1000 ppm Quaternary Ammonium Chloride for the cleanest clean! 4) We rotate out any used crayons for 4 days before use again. What are some things that would make you feel safer dining out??? #MeetYouAtTheWooly #GuelphsMeetingPlace #GuelphsFrontPorch
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