Published: 15 days ago

Good little trash pandas don’t waste🦝We’re so excited to announce the launch of our Circular Food Menu that creates gourmet dishes entirely from waste (It may sound strange but hear us out!) We’ve partnered with Provision Coalition, Our Food Future Guelph Wellington and local entrepreneurs to produce North America’s first circular food menu that utilizes unavoidable by-products to craft delicious meals. Like all great things, it starts with beer. Specifically, with the waste grain from the brewing process at Wellington Brewery. The grains are up-cycled as feedstock to Oreka, an insect farm that produces animal feed, which then goes to a trout farm, Izumi Aquaculture. The fish waste becomes natural fertilizer for potatoes at Smoyd Potato Farms. And some of the grain that the insects can’t take goes to Grain Revolution with waste yeast from Escarpment Laboratories to produce bread. Taking the trout, potatoes, and sourdough that were yielded from these processes, our chefs here and at our sister restaurants, miijidaa cafe + bistro and Park Grocery, have crafted these incredible and delicious dishes: @thewooly SOURDOUGH BREADED TROUT & FRIES - Buttermilk marinated Izumi steelhead trout, Grain Revolution sourdough bread crumbs, Rochdale gold fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce @miijidaa CURED STEELHEAD TROUT - Izumi trout gravlax, potato + horseradish cream, Grain Revolution sourdough crostini, chives, and pickled fennel @parkgrocery HOT SMOKED TROUT SANDWICH & CHIPS - Hot smoked Izumi steelhead trout, toasted Grain Revolution sourdough, pickled onions, lettuce, roasted garlic aioli, and Smoyd Farm potato chips We’re so proud to be part of this collaborative effort in our community and work alongside Provision Coalition, Wellington Brewery, Oreka Solutions, Izumi Aquaculture, Smoyd Potato Farms, Escarpment Labs, and Grain Revolution to show that a sustainable, circular food system and economy really is possible. #trashpandas #ourfoodfuture #repurposed #seeingfooddifferently #circularfood #foodwaste #whatif #zerowastefood #zerowastekitchen
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