Published: 17 days ago

This is a picture of John 'Johnny' Emilius Fauquier. He is Canada's greatest bomber pilot and also Danielle's grandfather! @dfauqs Yesterday she told us crazy stories of her grandfather and we couldn't not share them with you. He is the most decorated Canadian soldier of WWll. He captained many but most noteably 405 Squadron, No. 6 Squadron, No. 8 Squadron (Pathfinders), and 617 Squadron (Dambusters) He even came down in rank to continue to captain and be in active duty "Something I truly admire and stand behind" -DF Awarded DFC for gallantry, DSO (three times!) for leadership of raids in Pennemünde (where he was in the air for half an hour under fire - RAF 42 planes went down that raid) and then for command of the 405 Squadron and the 617 Squadron He was also awarded Croix de Guerre with Palm in France and called "The Saviour of London" during the war and all of his medals are in the Ottawa museum "Never had the chance to meet him - just heard he was a hard man to get along with! From my understanding growing up; he was happiest in the air, in his craft, and making sure whatever he did was the absolute best - and that's always been a Fauquier trait. ''Twas said he didn't the meaning; couldn't even spell the word fear. Wish I could have met him and thanked him for the amazing and honourable things he did for our freedom" - Danielle Fauquier The last couple photos are of rice paper maps he used to carry around with him during the war. Thank you Johnny and thank you everyone that fought so hard for our freedoms. Lest We Forget #remembranceday #meetyouatthewooly #gelphsfrontporch #guelphsmeetingplace
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