Published: 9 days ago

Like many of our friends and community members, we are struggling with our emotions today - anger, frustration, sadness, and an overwhelming sense of helplessness. Wednesday's attack on the capital, and the muted response from those in power was a blatant example of white privilege. It illustrated the hypocrisy of the justice system, and the disparate treatment that BIPOC receive by those in power and in the media. It was domestic terrorism - and as frightening as it is, we cannot ignore what is happening in the USA, or the racism and violence that also exists in our country. Canada is not immune to this type of hatred and vitriol. As we continue to go about our lives, navigating this Covid nightmare as a restaurant in this struggling industry, we must make the time to continue to educate ourselves, to find ways to help our neighbours, and to work towards being actively anti-racist. A New Year does not fix hundreds of years of injustice and white supremacy. This didn’t happen overnight - it’s been building for generations. It’s up to us to work to break this cycle. We should also be making a strong effort to check in on our Black friends and the BIPOC community. They are exhausted and hurting. Take a stand for them, and raise their voices. Be the change. We love you all. Thank you for being such strong supporters of us and our staff this last year - we literally could not do this without you. #blacklivesmatter #endracism #whiteterrorists #calloutwhitesumpremacy #bipocsolidarity #takecareofothers #dobetter #supportbipocvoices
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