Published: 10 days ago

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!!! 😻🐁🐢🐰 Take a peek at the Wooly fam's furbabes. We're all so thankful for the emotional support these fuzzy critters offer all the time, but they've been extra supportive during the pandemic! In order of appearance: @ruthsodtke presents Martin 🐾 2 years old, loves frands, snow, balls, & snuggles. But mostly frands. @kendra.mussar 😽 Miro is 10, & loves letting it all hang out, grooming what he can reach, & sleeping on heating vents. The Boys! Wash & Butcher are 10, & love wet fΓΌd, threatening pigeons, & sleeping on the necks of @_caitmcn & @alexander.supergrass 😼😼 ❀️ Bronagh is 2, & finds joy in cuddles & helping her mama @sjkennedy91 with laundry! πŸ’— May we present his majesty, Xiao Ba Wang. According to @michegregory he's a snooty lil handsome prince... Marcus says he's just an a*$!ole. πŸ‘‘ Arlo is brand new! He's excited about his new home, loves his kitty sisters, & flicking snow with his snoot! ❄️ @probably_bats_mj has a small herd of allergy-friendly friends. Ozzie, Finnius, Octi, Skellington, Gus, & Peanut Butter Falcon. All one year old. πŸ‘½ @misspercyday has 3 wee misunderstood sewer squishes: Reese, Peanut, & Buttercup. When they're not busy chewing wires, they like to chew holes in couches, & love scrambled eggs. πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ @pantarah practically has her own petting zoo, but we're featuring Simcoe & Mosaic, who like snuggles, PB, & terrorizing the other animals. 🐭🐭 Charlie is 2, likes to eat poop, & loving everyone. πŸ’© #nationalloveyourpetday #petsofinstagram #MeetYouAtTheWooly #guelphsgreatmeetingplace
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